How to add car glass water?

[China Glass Network] How to add car glass water? In the winter, automotive glass water can quickly disperse the rain on the windshield and has antifreeze effect, so it is very popular among car owners. But many car owners do not know how to add after buying glass water, how to add the following car glass water, let's take a look!

Adding glass water to a car is not very difficult, but for those who don't know how to add car glass water, it is necessary to understand the things to be aware of when adding car glass water. Before solving this problem, let us first understand the role of automotive glass water.

Automotive glass water is compounded by various surfactants and additives. It has the functions of wetting, penetrating and solubilizing, so as to clean and decontaminate. It can significantly reduce the freezing point of liquid and thus prevent freezing. It can dissolve the frost quickly; prevent the formation of mist droplets, ensure the windshield is clear and transparent, clear the field of vision; can eliminate the charge on the glass surface, has antistatic properties; can play a lubricating role, reduce the friction between the wiper and the glass, prevent the generation of strokes mark.

In addition, it can completely remove the dirt and stains on the smooth surface, and it can be brightened without any water, no water marks, long-lasting smoothness, and no damage to the surface of the object. It has the functions of dustproof, anti-fog and anti-freezing, and it is not easy to add dust. It has a multiplier effect for the owner.

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