Fashion women's brand "esons" Grand opening of the new Yansha Golden Street Shopping Plaza esons shop in Wangfujing, Beijing

Fashion women's brand esons stationed in the new Yansha Golden Street shopping mall in Beijing Wangfujing. The 100-square-metre storefront, under the clever use of lights and simple geometric hangers, brings out the mysterious and simple fashion. Every detail penetrates the designer's good expectations for fashion.

Fashion women's brand " esons " Beijing Wangfujing New Yansha Gold Street Shopping Plaza

Fashion women's brand " esons " Beijing Wangfujing New Yansha Gold Street Shopping Plaza

Fashion women's brand " esons " Beijing Wangfujing New Yansha Gold Street Shopping Plaza

In the stroll shop, all the new summer products of esons come into view. Esons believes that life in the age of material civilization is full of various tastes and possibilities. The rich and varied needs have replaced a single spiritual or functional appeal. Aesthetics are no longer dominated by art experts, but are created by the main people from cities and people through the Internet. And convenient travel has changed the geographical differences in the world, allowing aesthetic popularity, populism, and globalization. Simple, convenient and friendly has become a widely sought after aesthetic and design element, and is also a major component of another trend of humanization. The highly material and modern metropolitan cities have become the center of the world. People living there have the latest ideas about aesthetics. With the rapid spread of travelers and the Internet and commodities to the rest of the world, the birthplace of world fashion in Paris and Milan is also The city where the material and spirit are highly integrated is also the origin of the brand that loves the city. It is the responsibility and mission of Love City Designers to provide solutions for the material and spiritual aspects of urban life through clothing. Globalization and fast-paced are elements that must be considered in design.

Whether it's urban chic, elegant and refined, or professional fashion women, they can find their own uniqueness in the design of esons .

Address: 301 New Yansha Golden Street Shopping Plaza , Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing .

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