Fall 2014 LEVI'S ICON classic legend, new product recommendation!

Say a new semester to have a new atmosphere, will soon be the school, of course, to give Amy a little narcissistic increase their own equipment it! Come and come, small partners are looking to here, cool clothes to you Waichuan! Fall 2014 LEVI'S ICON classic legend, new! Season 501 jeans inspired by the Venice Beach and Yosemite Valley, California, showing a set of new deep to light washing, highlighting the durability of jeans and good sense of quality , While launching a grand high-end washing style, use faded denim and military twill, highlight the mill white, patch, make the old, damaged washing effect. This season, denim and striped western denim shirt-based shirt, combined with gray, black dye dyeing and washing slightly embellishment. Inspired by the denim shirt in Venice Beach, the patch is characterized by patches and breakage, reaching a cloud-like wash with bleaching technology. The selection of denim and non-denim fabric regrouped, adding a variety of innovative design. Made of eco-friendly material - faux-fur collar and waterproof corduroy, gold brown and black chevron corduroy, soft fleece like sweatshirt to denim patchwork, This season's Venice Beach theme of the nineties.

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