***Devaluation: Long-term drought in the textile and clothing industry

Is *** really devalued? *** Is the devaluation good or bad? Experts said that the probability of a large depreciation of the *** is very small. After the “five consecutive losses”, many people speculated that the expected appreciation of the *** had been reversed, but some analysts pointed out that from the central bank’s announcement of the middle price, The intention of the country to "protect" is very obvious. With China's solid foundation of ** reserve, it is expected that the probability of a large devaluation of *** will be very small.

*** The exchange rate against the U.S. dollar continued to decline in recent days, and its impact on related industries will also become increasingly apparent. Analysts believe that the depreciation of *** has a more direct impact on the performance of export-oriented companies, and specific industries such as textiles and clothing are expected to directly benefit.

Textile and Apparel Industry: Long drought and rain

Guo Jin Securities (who joined the stocks to participate in simulated stocks) Analysts ** said in an interview with this reporter that the devaluation is the best way to support the textile industry. “In the near future, maintaining employment is an important goal, and it is also a matter of revitalization of the light industry and the textile industry. It is a very time-consuming means. However, the degree of marketization of these two industries is too high. There are many companies, large and small, and support policies are very high. It is hard to be practical and it is difficult to accurately support it with administrative means." The devaluation of *** can bring direct benefits.

Jinyuan Securities Xia Jun said that the devaluation of *** will stimulate the growth of textile and apparel industry performance. *** Long-term appreciation trend engulfed some of the profits of some companies, a large number of profits were lost in the settlement process, and even some companies often appear after the export repayment converted to *** negative profits. He believes that the recent appreciation of the end of the three-year ***, towards the devaluation, which will greatly stimulate the continuous shrinking exports of apparel textiles, can be described as long drought and rain, combined with the recent introduction of 4 trillion investment in countries to stimulate domestic demand, substantially Lowering interest rates and a series of policies to stimulate economic growth are of great significance to restoring the confidence of export companies, especially textile companies.

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