Congratulations Red Kai Bell women signed seven stores

In mid-August, Red Ke Bell once again came good news, congratulations Red Kay Bell Women's and Hubei Zhongxiang, Hubei Xiangyang, Hubei Jingmen, Sichuan Nanchong 4 stores, Zhengzhou Luohe Chia Sheng Department Store, Anhui Bozhou Oil and Gas Commercial Building, Sichuan Guanganou One hundred three counters signed a success!

红凯贝尔 - HOKABR

Red Kai Beier Ladies Guangzhou Garment Co., Ltd. is a long dress under the women's brand , since its inception in 1999 to a leading company in operational management and pragmatic, efficient and people-oriented entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to the fashion counterparts, innovation, making the Red Kay Bell steady development of enterprises, has formed a solid sales system.

Red Kay Baer brand positioning in the business style, fashion, elegance, it inherits the French romantic fashion, but also combines the elegance of the East and subtle, so that every one wearing a red Ke Bell women's fashion women, can show their unique Taste, no matter where the body can always add luster to the surrounding, to bring joy to people.

It is reported that the Red Kai Bell signed the seven stores will be opened by the end of August to early September, please look forward to! If you are also interested in Red Kai Bell women, please call for details! Wealth Hotline: Cai Sheng


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