Children's summer travel to wear what clothes? The cabinet doll will be handsome in the end

June is the season of summer vacation and the season when children start their summer vacation. Children are born innocent, carefree age, they have no worries from work, nor from the pressure of study, in their world, the summer is used to enjoy playing, playful. So in this summer, how little to go out to play, travel it. Come take a look at the tide mom how to give the little baby with travel clothing right. Boy, lively, energetic, fond of novelty. This set of sports and leisure suits for playful love boy, dynamic bright yellow wave point regular arrangement, black and yellow collocation set off a while cool, plus hooded design, so that clothes look full Personality and fun, with a black casual pants, relaxed version allows children to run without restraint. Girls can be sweet princess-like princess, but also can be like a tomboy-like handsome charming, girl's changing styles of clothing, with the freedom. More love of sports and freedom of girls like more individuality, unique clothing, this splicing vest jacket can be described as both, irregular cut hem, blue and white stitching, as well as chest architectural patterns, are All are showing the wearer's unruly and personality. Picture Source: Zhongge doll

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