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艾米塔 - AMINTA

2012 most developed women's brand? Amita fashion women's brand to join. Hangzhou crown Austrian Clothing Co., Ltd is a design, production and sales in one of the modern apparel business. Amita fashion women's brand to join the head office is located in China's charming West Lake - Hangzhou, currently in Hangzhou, Wuhu set up branch offices. Amita fashion women joined the company since its establishment has always adhere to the "marketing-oriented" business philosophy and "pragmatic, honest, service, win-win" concept of development. After years of development and development, Amita fashion women joined the company has established a sound sales network in the country.
Amita fashion women's style positioning - fashion, temperament, simplicity, comfort, casual

Amita fashion ladies age positioning - rich product line to meet the 70, 80, 90 (20-35 years old) modern women's dress needs

Amita fashion women's price positioning - in the high-grade, spring and summer: 59-599; autumn and winter: 99-999 (except fur)

2012 most developed women's brand? Amita fashion women's brand to join. "AMINTA" Amita fashion women's union to modern women to provide perfect living conditions as their responsibility, the fashion and classic docking, Amita fashion ladies Merchants joined to make leisure and comfort coexist, through exquisite tailoring, smooth lines in the mature temperament Highlight young vitality. Amita fashion women to join its own many outstanding new cutting-edge designers, bringing together domestic and foreign fashion resources, a number of outstanding manufacturers, give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters, design, production and sales of various types of fashion women's fashion, Amita fashion Women joined a comprehensive attack on the national market

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